When considering marketing or development expenditures, it is essential to assess the potential ROI (Return on Investment). CSTAR Development is only interested in providing services that can generate a substantial ROI. Therefore, time will be contributed, up front, to understand a potential client’s budget and needs. Then together, we can decide what makes sense for small, medium and large organizations.

Fees are reasonable, negotiable and fundable.

Call or email today to find out how, together, we can engage your community and help your organization achieve greater success.

CSTAR Clients

Alameda Little Opera House
Argyros Performing Arts Center
Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra
Berkeley Symphony
New Century Chamber Orchestra
North Carolina Presenters Consortium
Osher Marin JCC
Peninsula JCC
Princess Grace Foundation-USA
San Francisco Playhouse
Sun Valley Museum of Art
SW Washington Center for the Arts
Village Theatre
Western Arts Alliance